realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Full Comparison ⚡ Camera, Display, Performance & More
Doston Is video mein humne kiya hai detailed comparison realme X7 Aur Mi 10i ka aur bataaya hai ki kaunsa phone hain accha aur kaunsa phone hain nahi itna accha. Ummeed hai apko ye video pasand aayaa hoga, aur agar accha lagaa toh like karna na bhule aur apne doston ke saath share bhi jaroor kijiye.
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Video Highlights
00:00 Introduction
00:46 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Look & Feel
01:20 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Display
02:21 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Color
02:51 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Processor
03:04 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Antutu Score
03:24 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Battery Charging
04:09 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Price & Variants
04:33 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Sim Slot
04:51 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G RAM & Storage Type
05:00 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Sensors
05:10 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G OS (UI)
05:34 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Features
06:02 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Ports
06:20 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Camera
07:16 realme X7 5G Vs Mi 10i 5G Camera Features

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  • Trakin Tech
    Trakin Tech

    Bahot Dino Ke Baad Full Comparison Aa Raha Hain.... Aap Kaunsa Pick Karoge?

    • Kombat XD
      Kombat XD

      Aap rehne do bhai aap kuch nhi de paoge main aap ko 3 sal se follow kr raha hnoo but aap nain mujhe kuch bhi nhi diya

    • Mohsin Khan
      Mohsin Khan

      Realme i love Realme phone's sir ji❤️

    • sᴀ̊ɪ̂ ᴘᴀ̃ᴛɪ̄ʟ
      sᴀ̊ɪ̂ ᴘᴀ̃ᴛɪ̄ʟ

      @GAMER_ BHAI Bro Realme lo accha hai gaming ke liye

    • ANNA YT
      ANNA YT

      Mi10i i will pick except from display i feel everything is good and yes prices are always too much for a middle class to but a good mobile now ..........

    • SyeD MoZzaM
      SyeD MoZzaM

      @The Shivraj Meena Q1@AA


    Sirr realmeX7 tagdaa haiii😍😍😍😍😍

  • Kehkasha haque
    Kehkasha haque

    Why do I think Trackin Tech has always been biased. Whenever they compare anything to Realme. They always say Realme is better. They always highlight the pros of Realme Phones

  • Bhagirath Meena
    Bhagirath Meena

    realme x7

  • Eram Sayyed
    Eram Sayyed

    Obviously MI 10i is the clear Winner in this comparison.. Bro plz realme ki jhuti tarif kar k public ka time waste mat karo

  • Tech Smash
    Tech Smash

    Gym me 50 kg ka weight uthane wale log 200gm k phn weight se pareshan hain. 😂 Sharmnaak

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar

    realme x7 Pro is best

  • Adarsh Patel
    Adarsh Patel

    realme x7 better than mi 10i at this price range

  • Surya Besra
    Surya Besra

    My choice Realme X7 Design And Performance It's Really Killer❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💘💝

  • Shivam singh Rajput
    Shivam singh Rajput

    Going for x7 thanks

  • tosif khan
    tosif khan

    Oppo f17 Vs realme x 7 compare

    • tosif khan
      tosif khan

      Sar. jaldi sae compare kero please

  • Uttam Mane
    Uttam Mane

    Sir redmi note 10 pro max vs realme x7 video lao

  • Mayur Chaudhari
    Mayur Chaudhari

    Bhai vivo v20 ka our realme x7 ka comepersion karo please

  • Jashwin Gautam
    Jashwin Gautam

    Sir ek point aur ki sAmoled display kam battery use karta karta hai as compared to IPS LCD display of bigger battery

  • Invincible FF
    Invincible FF

    For gaming MI 10I is very good

  • Invincible FF
    Invincible FF

    I will go with MI 10l 😀😊

  • Raju Das
    Raju Das

    Video pe bohot jaga Apne galat kaha hai. Ekbar aap video dekhiye



  • Aqeeb Mulla
    Aqeeb Mulla

    Thanks for confusing us even more

  • 11 G 41 MBK Jayant
    11 G 41 MBK Jayant

    I am eliminating realme x7 due to no presence of jack

  • Hemant Kurrey
    Hemant Kurrey

    Realme x7 is very good

  • Ganesh Parmanand
    Ganesh Parmanand

    Big battre

  • aman kumar
    aman kumar

    realme x 7 bhai mere ko to gajab ka lagta hai

  • Ritik Gupta
    Ritik Gupta

    mi 10i because refresh rate and headphone jack 😎❤️

  • Amit Batar
    Amit Batar

    Chinese company ?

  • Dilkash Raza
    Dilkash Raza


  • Murtuza Naqvi
    Murtuza Naqvi

    Realme x7 is quiet better

  • Subham Pandey
    Subham Pandey

    Which is best mobil under 15000 in mi

  • abhi meshram
    abhi meshram

    i love the color of realme x7 i love those kinda color like the midnight purple 3 in nissan gtr r34

  • Pulkit Garg
    Pulkit Garg

    chahe kuch bhi ho i will go with realme x7 due to display

  • Kartik Purba 9thA6 Rollno 25
    Kartik Purba 9thA6 Rollno 25

    I need big display for only pubg

  • Mai mon
    Mai mon

    Both of them are super but I am confused to buy which one so I buyed both of them

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar

    Please sir

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar

    Sir dono phone ka camera test kijiye n bhai ji

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar

    Sir in dono phone selfi kisaki achi hai

  • noob gamer YT
    noob gamer YT

    Realme x7 5g supr hit


    Realme X7❤

  • Jahirul islam
    Jahirul islam

    realme X7

  • MR. KHAN.
    MR. KHAN.

    Can you give a detailed comparison between realme narzo 30 pro versus realme x 7

  • prem Rathore
    prem Rathore

    Mi 10 I is best👍

  • Varun Bheel
    Varun Bheel

    Sir sumsung me 5g phone under 20000 tak kab tak Lunch hoga sir🙏🏻

  • Sk Sona
    Sk Sona

    Reilme best 📱

  • Tara goswami
    Tara goswami

    Thank you so much sir ji


    How many bands in mi10i and moto g5g and realme x7

  • Masfee Vines
    Masfee Vines

    I like Mi 10i

  • Raj singh edit zx
    Raj singh edit zx

    I am mi lover😁😁😎😎

  • Imran Azhari
    Imran Azhari

    Angrez ki olaad

  • robisson willard
    robisson willard


  • Sazeed Ahamed
    Sazeed Ahamed

    What is the best choice for gaming??Between these🤔

  • Arush Mehta
    Arush Mehta

    My personal preference goes to Realme X7, credits going to its powerful processor.


    I am looking for new phone please help me and my personally is mi 10i


    How many bands in mi10i and realme x7

  • umesh parmar
    umesh parmar

    Realme x7 ki 4300mah ki battery ko 65 w ke charger ke 50w output se 45 min me char hota hai Mi 10i ki 4820mah ki battery ko 33w ke charger ke 33w output se 1 hour me char ho raha 500mah ki battery badi hai and 1/3 charging voltage kam one ke bawjoot sirf 15 min ka different Not good If same battery hoti to sayad 15 min different is good

  • Biky star
    Biky star

    I we buy mi10i

  • creators king
    creators king

    Any time I will choose realme X7

  • Suhan Shaikh
    Suhan Shaikh

    Mi 10 I best

  • Aryan Agarwal
    Aryan Agarwal

    In my opinion, realme offers a better deal with the Dimensity powered device in terms of both price and performance compared to the Mi device.

  • Sujal Jadhav
    Sujal Jadhav

    please make a video on redmi note 10 pro max vs mi 10i



  • Krishnaraj Raut
    Krishnaraj Raut

    RealMI ke phone Chhote Kyon hote hain kam se kam 6.85 inch 75 inch Hona chahie.

  • Krishnaraj Raut
    Krishnaraj Raut

    Bada display chahie

  • Aditya Narayan
    Aditya Narayan

    In hand feel kon dekhta hai guys. Those who look in hand feel like it

  • H049 Hiten Rana
    H049 Hiten Rana

    Aap ese hi comparison late rahye 😎

  • Imtidrago

    Watching on x7😅


    Mi ❤10i ❤ is better than realme x7

  • mr killer
    mr killer



    Write in my comments that what you like in realme X7/Mi 10i and what you hate in X7/Mi 10I

  • Bollywood Retro Old Bollywood songs and dialogue's
    Bollywood Retro Old Bollywood songs and dialogue's

    Mi 10i is crap


    MI 10i ❤❤❤

  • Ayaz alam
    Ayaz alam

    Realme x7

  • Ayaz alam
    Ayaz alam

    Thank you

  • Aditya Kumar
    Aditya Kumar

    Please make comparison between realme narzon 30 pro vs poco x3

  • Danveer Sahu
    Danveer Sahu

    Mi 10 i

  • ASAP shiksha
    ASAP shiksha

    Bc kya comparison hai.. Confuse ho gya


    love you bro..but u miss that mi 10i waterproof

  • Abhishek Kumar
    Abhishek Kumar

    Mi 10 i me redio bhi hai.😝 X7 me nahi 😬😬😬

  • avinash kumar
    avinash kumar

    Mi 10i

  • O p e k k h a 彡
    O p e k k h a 彡

    Confused 🙈

  • Prabhat Yadav
    Prabhat Yadav

    You are sponsored by realme

  • Keith Millett
    Keith Millett

    But realme phones are much better than Xiaomi mobiles

  • Royal Tikadar
    Royal Tikadar

    Background music pe mar javvan

  • Mr.Unexpected

    Mi 10i is best

  • Sameer Bhai G
    Sameer Bhai G

    MI i10

    • Sameer Bhai G
      Sameer Bhai G

      Dil Tere Naam Meri Jaan Tere Naam

  • Aman op
    Aman op

    Mi 10i

  • sayada mollika
    sayada mollika

    What kind of comparison is this? Make fair comparison and dont talk around the bush. State clearly which one wins, you are favoring both and viewers are confused. F

  • Sa Eheh
    Sa Eheh

    Mi 10i

  • Rajesh Verma
    Rajesh Verma

    Please bring comparison of realme X7 5G and Narzo 30 pro 5G


    Jab E pe internet acha chalenga to thik he


    2G nahi chalta idher

  • sharad mhaske
    sharad mhaske

    Gaming ka liye Konsa sacha ha pubg ,COD


    Headphones zak nahi tha to me gaya mi 10i ke pass shocking offline me 21700 me mila... Me hamesa online leta hoon but offline ne muze chokana kr diya.. SamsungA51 online 20900 aur offline 19000 me mil raha hai. A71 23000 me.. Ek baar offline jake dekho.

  • riajul shaikh
    riajul shaikh

    Bro it's soo confusing to choose one😂😂

  • Shruti Saha
    Shruti Saha

    kisko realme ka colour jada accha laga toh like karo. mi ka accha hai

  • Shani Pandey
    Shani Pandey

    Sir ap itne phone unbox karte h Ap kaunsa phone chalate h.. Plz Reply🙏🙏Sir

  • Younos Ali
    Younos Ali

    Plz sir realme x7 and realmw x7 5g comparison vedio banan plz

  • Younos Ali
    Younos Ali

    Realme x7


    Realme to Mera hamesa se hi favourite Raha hai👍

  • Aman Thakur
    Aman Thakur

    Tq sir❤

  • mritunjay roy
    mritunjay roy

    Realme x7

  • Imran Choudhary
    Imran Choudhary

    ekdum ghatiya comparison. agar weight hi Kum Chahiye to Samsung guru le lo